It seems pretty simple:
If your page doesn't load fast, why not?

While you were burning off your customer's compute cycles, I was delivering a small static package that doesn't waste time. Not everyone has a desktop with 32gb of RAM just to pull up a SPA. Welcome to the future, where web apps are no longer data-hungry and a rendering nightmare.

Scroll down to see how I've used optimized payloads to cut out load times

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A chromium extension for following streamers on to get their live status. Much more reliable than Twitch's own notification dispatcher

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A companion app leveraging the server for Starlight. Among other utilities, Ganymede can send notifications through Discord when a streamer goes live

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The Metasource Pages

Part personal project, part compendium. This project an effort to categorize my bookmarks and present them in a useful way for other people.

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Bingo Master

An easily customizable template for generating bingo cards. These are meant to help livestreamers engage with their audience. The default template is for the game, "The Binding of Isaac."

jQueryOnly jQuery
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Isaac Achievement Tracker

An achievement tracker for the game, "The Binding of Isaac". Using the SteamAPI, it's able to check off achievements that are already unlocked.